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Advanced Securities Processing Software
featuring SQL-Object-Chain™ Technology

Client Reporter
Depository Tracker
Divdend & Income Processing
Recconciliation Suite


The combination of N-Tier's uniqiue technology architecture and business analysis skills provides for the development of Sub Moduiles from the Core Systems.

Each Sub-Module can process transactions linked to the firms main systems using N-Tier's ET L &L middleware. A summary of each is detailed below.

STP Client Reporter™

The advanced data requirements on firms to provide a more comprehensive view of their Clients, their holdings and
their transactions is exerting huge pressure on firms to revamp their Client Reporting infrastructure.The days of a simple statement will no longer suffice.Against this back ground N-Tier Americas has developed their Client Reporting Tracker™ product.

The software is a living database of every transaction that impacts the account intra-day..The objective is to allow the firm to view all the Client's activity in the one place.Events from all lines of business as well as legacy systems are captured and disseminated into the intra-day balances for all currencies.

Trade Buys/ Sells, Custody RVP/DVPS, Dividends and Income Events, Mandatory Events such as Splits, Reverse
Splits, Mergers etc are all captured, parsed and updated to the Client Reporting Table.

Trade Date, Settlement Date and Effective Date balances are maintained to be used for Margin Calls, FATCA
Threshold Calcs, Cost Basis Calcs

Journal adjustments can be back-dated to reflect errant transactions from previous periods and balances automatically
Legacy files are also captured if required to give a full group view of the 'live' Client account.

STP Depository Tracker™

The advent of new regulatory frameworks has placed great pressures  on firms to account for movements in asset
classes across multiple locations.

FATCA, Dodd Frank, etc., seek new information on assets, their composition and their location. This is a difficult task
for many firms with instruments processed by lines of business linked to common client accounts but stored in different
systems.N-Tier Americas offers a unique solution to the problem of maintaining a Global Depository Tracker.

Depository Tracker™ captures and maintains movements in securities across all asset classes no matter where they
sourced, moved or currently located.

Securities are held by account by location and by asset class by location. The system yields a true global picture of all
securities held by the firm using different identifiers linked to the one 'instrument_id'.

All securities movement transactions are catered for - Buy, Sell, DVP, RVP, Transfer RF, Transfer DF, as well as
Corporate Action events affecting Securities movement such as Splits, Reverse Splits, Mergers, Name Change,
Rights, Dividend Reinvestment and others.

A global security like IBM™ can be held at multiple depositories using the same identifier [ ISIN] such as Euroclear,
DTCC, (CSD) Euroclear Nederland, Crest and others.

Depository Tracker™ maintains a central repository of locations, securities and classifications of financial instruments in
accordance with ISO 10962 CFI - Classification of Financial Instruments.

Depository Tracker™ can be used as a robust and comprehensive valuation tool for FATCA, Cost Basis and Portfolio

ISO 17442:2012 - Financial services -- Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is fully implemented in Depository Tracker™

Income Processing Tracker

Dividend and Income entitlements can be calculated according to the residence and domicile of the holder..
All markets are covered from the elongated Japanese Dividend Process to the US CNS to the Brazilian Bovespa model.

The payments are initially calculated during the holdings match process. All entitlements are recalculated on a daily bais or by event until Pay Date expires.

Calculations can be based on balances for Trade Date / Ex  Date  or Record Date / Settleement Date..Dividends due can be notified to the Trading Desk on a Trade Date / Ex  Date basis.

Full Withholding Tax rates per Account Per Holder Per Residence are held on the system.Account Rate override exists where the Account Holder has a different rate to the Event Rate due to Residence and Domicile Status.

Changes due to positions movement, dates, rates and trading liabilities are automatically accommodated.Payments from Custodians are reconciled to the sum of payments to holders.

Clients are advised of pending payments, actual payments and transfers either by SWIFT MT564. 566 or Email or FAX or Print.
Recalculation of Dividends/ Income is provided with automation of pre- and post payable-date reversals

Unlike other leading vendor solutions our software does not require complex links to proprietary systems storing positions and cash, with all the potential for miscalculations brought by yet another interface.

The workflow engine manages the completion of each step within the Income Processing Lifecycle, assigning a task
due date based on effective date.

Full FX conversion to cover base currency exposure is provided.

All Income transactions are posted intra day to the Client Account and the firm's Payment Account. Full fiscal accounting and reporting is deployed. Payments in are matched against aggregate payments out.

Reconciliation is provided by Event, ISIN, Account and Payment balance.Alert-driven monitoring advises on expected completion dates as well as providing an audit trail of  exceptions incurred in the process.

Full ISO 15022 Messaging is maintained for those Clients seeking payment in multi-currencies and who reside outside the jurisdiction.

MT566 Reconciliations are made of payments out to the Client V the Omnibus payment received from the Depository or Custodian.

Reconciliations Tracker™

Over the years many firms operated on the basis of one system for each line of business. This allowed for rapid processing and it suited the regulatory framework at the time.

However, the data requirements landscape has changed and firms are required to provide greater audit transparency leading in turn to more automated Reconciliations with involved parties both inside and outside the firm
Using their many years of experience building bespoke interfaces to other systems, N-Tier Americas has developed a comprehensive and definitive Reconciliation Suite that covers both internal and external processes.

The purpose of this Sub-Module is to extract, load, and compare balances and transactions from other divisions in the firm
as well as from other agencies supplying services to the firm.

internal Reconciliations
The provision of an internal reconciliation process is often overlooked at many firms. Balances between different file transfer systems are often not checked leading to breaks and incorrect data flows which process unchecked later down the information pipeline. Reconciliations Tracker™ contains many legacy interface and reconciliation tools designed to compare and highlight balances from disparate islands of technology.

Breaks are reported covering Fails, Ledger imbalances, Position quantities supplied but not processed, Stock Splits processed but not impacting the current positions, FX discrepancies, Dividends Received but not Paid.

External Reconciliations
Allied to the comprehensive internal suite, Reconciliations Tracker™ provides API and ISO 15022 External message files.These are exchanged with outside agencies such as MT535, MT536 with other Counterparties, Depositories and specialized agencies.

Auto reconcile processes can run intra day or end of day at the firm's choice. Cash differences are sent to supervisors for authorization before the the auto journal is effected. Other ISO 15022 Reconciliation messages used are MT 548, MT 567, MT 592