N-Tier Americas

Advanced Securities Processing Software
featuring SQL-Object-Chain™ Technology

List of Sub Moules for Evaluation
Remote Demos

N-tier Americas can provide access to all their systems for evaluation purposes using Amazaon™ Web Servers [Cloud]

Enquirers are offered remiote access to the software with agreed evaluation criteria. All software is hosted on AWS and is available globally.

The range of soltuions for demo are listed below.

  • STP Client Reporter™
  • STP Settlement T+2
  • STP Corporate Actions
  • STP Custody & DR
  • STP Depository Tracker™
  • STP Income & Dividends Tracker
  • INTRA-DAY Books & Record
  • FATCA Life Cycle Tracker™
  • Withholding Tax Tracker™
  • Reconciliations Tracker
  • Enterprise ETL Manager