N-Tier Americas

 Eco-System Blockchain Technology

N-Tier Americas Flagship Suite : IBOS - Integrated Back Office System

The software was developed in collaboration with an International Broker Dealer / Custodian over a seven year period
from 2000 - 2007.

A core design feature of the IBOS is the use of N-Tier's unique SQL-Object-Chain™ Technology & Replication, both forerunners to today's Blockchain paradigm.

N-Tier's Capital Markets Eco-System include:

 - Settlement [T+2 enabled]
 - Corporate Actions
 - DR Custody
 - Securities Movement and Control
 - Multi-Currency Accounting
 - SWIFT ISO 15022 and 20022
 - Reference Data ISO Standards 
    ISO 10962 CFI - Classification of Financial Instruments;
    ISO 10383 - Market Identifier Codes;
    ISO 17442:2012 - Financial services -- Legal Entity Identifier (LEI). 

The unique architecture of N-Tier's Technology facilitates back-dated  trades, seamless workflow of transactions & integrated accounting, instantly and in real time. The design is unique and underpins the N-Tier Distributed Ledger Architecture (DLA).

N-Tier's 20 years experience of Capital Markets Eco-Systems has enabled the company to embace and deploy practical solutions under the Blockchain paradigm including Global Depository Ledger and Global Accounting Ledger.

Deployment Model.
Technology Architecture is constantly evolving. N-Tier Americas has adopted the company deployment model and reconfigured it to allow for newer platforms such as VMWare™, Amazon AWS™ Cloud while still supporting legacy Iron Servers.

Datasets are now information ledgers that can be distributed utilizing the excellent Hyper-Ledger Fabric permissioned BlockChain databases.

The N-Tier Deployment Model Schema is shown on the left. Prospective clients can customize their own variants depending on their firm's architecture and future platform objectives.