N-Tier Americas

Advanced Securities Processing Software
featuring SQL-Object-Chain™ Technology

STP Settlement supporting T + 2
STP Settlement T + 2

N-Tier Americas STP Settlement module is designed for all Settlement Periods from T+ 0 to T+'N'. The system supports Operations in those markets where there are different rules such as Europe (T + 2) or U.S. (T + 3)

The software is designed to support multiple business roles in different markets worldwide. These can range from Retail Broker to Institutional Broker to International clearance and settlement.

Each version of our system comes with a high degree of automation already built-in making it an ideal choice for those firms who must operate under changing market conditions.

The main functionality is designed to meet the exacting requirements of both US Domestic and International Settlement.

All Settlement Paths are configurable by table changes. Therefore other Settlement scenarios, where there are differences in practice, are 100% configurable. These include Europe, Asia,  Brazil and South America, Russia and Eastern Europe.

The core system can be readily configured to suit different Settlement work-flows from across the globe including the difficult-to automate Eastern Europe [Registrar Model]  and Brazil [RVP/DVP/ DR Model].

Ease of customization, plus the flexibility to configure the same system to support various business processes underlying the new roles, makes the N-Tier Securities processing solution unique.

Transaction Processing

All trades are fully logged and updated by all users and systems that affect the workflow.

Multiple reports are available showing Fail Settlements, Pending Settlements, Currency movements, etc. . Reporting for the Firm and the Client is processed from the same database thereby ensuring consistency and accuracy of data processed.

Reconciliations are processed intra day and end of day with proprietary messaging and ISO 15022 messaging catered for.

The system incorporates many ISO standards covering Classifications of Financial Instruments, Market Identification Codes, and LEI.

The code table driven approach allows for multiple settlement scenarios to be processed on the one system  - Actual Settlement, Contractual Settlement, RVP/DVP, Exchange Settlement with participant allocations.

All Securities Movements are recorded across multiple locations for the Client and the Firm including movements of the same security in multiple depositories such as DTCC, Euroclear, Crest as well as depos located in the Americas, Asia, Far East, Africa and Australasia.