N-Tier Americas

Advanced Securities Processing Software
featuring SQL-Object-Chain™ Technology

Middleware - No Duplicate Processing Guaranteed

Middleware - Extract Transalate Lock'n'Load

A key but unknown process underpinning data flows in all firms is the ETL software that links disparate systems at the firm as well links to outside agencies such as Depositories, Custodians and Data Feed Handlers.

Robust & Secure Data Load and Update

N-Tier Americas developed, and now runs,  the one of the most robust,  ETL and API transfer process on the market today.

All files are checked for context errors unique to that file. All files are parsed onto staging databases to allow for re-runs and all files are automatically renamed with the timestamp embedded in the file extension so there is never any error of duplicating processing.
To support the file transfer infrastructure, N-Tier Americas has put in place a unique set of faculties that addresses any concerns firms may have trusting their data and operations on any of our platforms.

The architecture comprises:

  •     Access Security;
  •     File Transfer - lock and load;
  •     Full Transaction Logging;
  •     Master File & Reference Database Mapping;
  •     Use of ISO Standards in Securities Identifiers, Markets and Legal Identifiers.


Access Security (Applies to In-house and Cloud Solutions)
Access to the N-Tier Americas Services is over secure VPN from a link in the user's browser to our VPN Hardware.  'Hardware driven' VPN access is the most secure access on the market today.  Security certificates are created for the log-on session only and must pass quadruple authentication before  issued. Full details are only available to potential prospects.

File Transfer FTP - Lock N' Load
All files to and from clients can only be  transmitted over secure FTP protocols. Once received we timestamp every file, check for any syntax errors and store on middleware staging tables for onward processing and reprocessing as the need arises. No file is ever processed more than once thereby ensuring both data and transmission integrity.

Transaction Logging

All Code used in the N-Tier applications is based on ANSI 88-92 Standard SQL Stored Procedures. All data extracts are SQL Data Sets. All Databases are ANSI 88-92 compliant.

Consequently we offer full transaction logging covering all transaction processing. If for any reason a Cloud Service goes down, the transaction log is restored to the last known 'commit'.

All stored procedures use commit and roll-back so data cannot corrupt or fail to update correctly. Full referential integrity of databases is deployed.