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Advanced Securities Processing Software
featuring SQL-Object-Chain™ Technology

STP - Custody with DR

STP Custody & DR

Features and Functions

The system processes RVP, DVP, FR ,FD, Transfers, Depot Book Transfers in addition to movements arising from Corporate Action Events such as Mergers, Splits, Elections, Conversions, Dividend Reinvestment.

There are three sub-processes available within the Custody / SMAC Module:

  •  Accounting for Securities Movement;
  •  Accounting for Position Control;
  •  Accounting for Depot Reconciliations

Accounting for all stock movements are set-up by trade paths linked to auto-journal entries triggered by flags defined in each path.(A core design feature of the Accounting Suite is the use of N-Tier's unique SQL-Object-Chain™ Technology)

Full Multi-currency transactions are catered for, reflecting the global nature of the product.

The Custody system accepts movement messages and files from any depository location in the world including EuroClear, Crest, DTCC.

Receipts and Delivers can be tracked as T, T+1, T+2, T+3 , T+4 , T + N., making the software suitable for deployment all over the world.

Client and Depository instructions are generated from the same set of data. After payment is received Confirmations are dispatched up to 11 roles from Receiver/ Deliverer through to 3rd party Custodians.


Reconciliations with Depositories, Nostro / Vostro Accounts held elsewhere and various interface systems are accommodated including 3-way recs.

Balances and positions are compared to the receiving files / SWIFTs. Auto confirmations are generated by receipt of the appropriate SWIFT ISO message 544,545,546 and 547.

In the event of Settlement issues MT548 and 592 are generated in and out of the system.
Book & journal entries are automatically generated after approval by an authorized officer of the firm (A core design feature of the Accounting Suite is the use of N-Tier's unique SQL-Object-Chain™ Technology)

The setup of the reference data and reference process models is a key initial activity for the successful processing of Movement , Money and Accounting Transactions using the STP paradigm.