N-Tier Americas

Advanced Securities Processing Software
featuring SQL-Object-Chain™ Technology

Corporate Actions - Domestic & International

The N-Tier Corporate Actions System is one of the rare examples of software that is fully integrated with Post Trade Settlement and ISO 15022 Messaging.

Announcement Collection and Validation

The system captures, scrubs and validates Corporate Actions data from many data vendor interfaces in their own proprietary formats  as well as the SWIFT ISO 15022 format  from custodians in preparation of the  'golden copy' or 'composite record'.

Holders Identification, Notification and Response

The software  matches events against holdings and transactions on a daily or intra-day basis using either ex-date/ trade-date or record date/settlement date calcs.

Multiple sources of holders can be consolidated and/ or treated separately for processing purposes. For example legacy holders from one system can be consolidated with holders from another system to provide one consolidated list of positions on which Dividends or Rights Issues can be calculated and re-calculated as the Event effective date becomes active.

Response Capture is enabled via WWW or SWIFT or Proprietary Messaging. Returns can be set to default elections or consolidated for omnibus processing of  the event such as Tender Elections or Rights Issue.

Event Settlement and Real Time Books & Records

A self-contained multi-currency Books & Records module for real time processing of Corporate Action Event Settlements is provided for those firms who wish to maintain a mirror of accounting transactions for forwarding to the company’s consolidated statements.

Dividend &  Income Processing and Real Time Books & Records

The Corporate Actions module  provides a highly-scalable and flexible multi-currency Dividend and Income calculation system, completing the Corporate Action lifecycle for true end-to-end straight-through processing (STP)

Dividends and Income payments are pre-calculated and advised to Clients for confirmation and update. Payments from Custodians and Depositories are captured automatically from different sources such as SWIFT MT566 or Legacy files.

Gross Payments received are reconciled to the portfolio of individual holders allowing for the investigation of any discrepancies..