N-Tier Americas

Advanced Securities Processing Software
featuring SQL-Object-Chain™ Technology

IBOS 2016 - $12m Investment
IBOS - Statement of Functionality
N-Tier Americas Flagship product : IBOS - Integrated Back Office System

The software was developed in collaboration with an International Broker Dealer / Custodian over a seven year period
from 2000 - 2007.

In total over $7.2 Million has been reinvested by N-Tier into the product development during the seven year development period.

A core design feature of the Accounting Suite is the use of N-Tier's unique SQL-Object-Chain™ Technology. 

The unique architecture of N-Tier's SQL-Object-Chain Technology facilitates back-dated  trades, seamless workflow of transactions & accounting instantly and in real time. The design is unique and underpins the N-Tier Distributed Ledger Architecture (DLA)

The N-Tier Platform is the only FULLY Integrated suite of that combines Settlement with Corporate Actions processing.

Updates in positions arising from trades are instantly reflected in open positions for true Trade Date/ Ex Date  or Settlement Date / Record Date processing.

Trades are booked by OMS / SWIFT  from all markets worldwide including New York - London - Frankfurt - Tokyo - Shanghai - Mumbai - Moscow to mention but a few. Corporate Actions arising from these exchanges are also captured for the same holder and account owner.

Events from all lines of business, as well as legacy systems, are captured and disseminated into the intra-day balances for all currencies.

Trade Buys/ Sells, Custody RVP/DVPS, Dividends and Income Events, Mandatory Events such as Splits, Reverse Splits, Mergers etc are all captured, parsed and updated to the Client Reporting Table.

Transactions are booked in local currency and then converted in real-time to the base currency of the system, i.e Euro to USD.

The Reference Data Suite provides a platform to develop, implement and maintain an integrated enterprise data management product suite. This enables the financial institution to put in place company-wide reference data for securities and products.

The Securities Movement and Control feature captures and maintains movements in securities across all asset classes no matter where they sourced, moved or currently located.

Advanced Securities Processing

Securities are held by account by location and by asset class by location. The system yields a true global picture of all securities held by the firm using different identifiers linked to the one 'instrument_id', customers, and counterparties.

IBOS by design and implementation, is one of the most functional yet flexible systems on the market today for Advanced Securities Processing.