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Case Studies

N-Tier Americas has developed systems in a number of client accounts as well as assisted on other projects under  
the control of Tech & Operations.

The following Case Studies are typical of the assignments undertaken by N-Tier Americas over the past 17 years.

Client 1 - Global Custodian , Broker Dealer and Settlement Counterparty.

Over a period of 2 years N-Tier Americas designed, developed and implemented a multi-currency Settlement system  
from scratch for a subsidiary of this Global Custodian based in New York

The business model specified a solution requiring multiple trade paths to be configured by table changes. Trade  
scenarios include  Actual Settlement, Contractual Settlement, Client Trading, Non Executing Broker and full participant  
Exchange Actual Settlement with multi-currency options.

Multiple reports were created  showing Fail Settlements, Pending Settlements, Currency movements, etc. . Reporting
for the Firm and the Client were processed from the same database thereby ensuring consistency and accuracy of
data processed.

A Client Reporting module was created to report US Domestic and International Trades, Receipts & Deliveries as well
as holdings for all Asset Classes. Upwards of 25,000 trades a day as well 000's of positions were consolidated and
reported to Clients in base and multi-currency. Positions were priced mark-to-market

Trading and Settlement processes in Foreign Markets such as London, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Mumbai,
Stockholm, Virt-X  were built as the functionality matched the growing lines of business.

Reconciliations were designed and  processed both intraday and end of day, with proprietary messaging and ISO
15022 messaging catered for.

The system incorporated many ISO standards covering Classifications of Financial Instruments and Market  
Identification Codes

Client 2 - Same Group, Private Client Bank

N-Tier Americas designed a new Corporate Actions system linked to the original Settlement System for consolidated  
domestic and international Corporate Actions

The system captured, scrubs and validated Corporate Actions data from many data vendor interfaces in their own
proprietary formats from both Telekurs [ foreign] and Xcitek [US Domestic]  in preparation of the  'golden copy' or
'composite record'.

Response Capture was  enabled via SWIFT or Proprietary Messaging. Response software was created to handle
default elections for consolidated omnibus processing of  the event such as Tender Elections or Rights Issue.

The final phase of the project involved the creation of an Entitlements Payment suite covering Mandatories and  
Finalized  Voluntaries. Dividend and Income processing was catered for as well as transactions for the Settlement  
system to reflect Securities Movement from Rights, Tenders, Mergers and Conversion Events.

A core design feature of the new system was the creation and design of N-Tier's unique SQL-Object-Chain™
Technology to process and replicate transactions across multiple platforms.

Client 3 - Major Correspondent Clearing Bank, World's Largest

N-Tier Americas created one of the most comprehensive Corporate Actions Systems with full Global Withholding Tax
processing for a major Correspondent Clearing Bank.

Transaction volumes of 900,000 per day are typical for this Client. In addition, N-Tier Americas ET L&L processes
many different file formats from IBM Legacy mainframes to Unix Based Accounting systems

The system was designed as modular sub-components as follows;

Announcement Collection and Validation
Capture, scrubs and validate Corporate Actions data from many data vendor interfaces in their own proprietary
formats  as well as the SWIFT ISO 15022 format  from custodians in preparation of the  'golden copy' or 'composite

Holders Identification, Notification and Response
Match  events against holdings and transactions on a daily or intra-day basis using either ex-date/ trade-date or
record date/settlement date calcs.

Consolidate multiple sources of holders to be treated separately for processing purposes. For example legacy holders
from one system  were consolidated with holders from another system to provide one consolidated list of positions on
which Dividends or Rights Issues were calculated and re-calculated as the Event effective date becomes active.

Event Settlement

Update a self-contained multi-currency Books & Records module for real time processing of Corporate Action Event
Settlement including Dividend &  Income Processing with Real Time Books & Records

Process  highly-scalable and flexible multi-currency Dividend and Income calculations completing the Corporate Action
lifecycle for true end-to-end straight-through processing (STP). Dividends and Income payments were pre-calculated and advised to Clients for confirmation and update.

Payments from Custodians and Depositories were captured automatically from different sources such as SWIFT MT566 or
Legacy files.

Many other assignments were completed most notable of which was a custom solution to capture Financial Data Objects from the WWW using a Google™ Enterprise Search Engine Server.

New projects continue to be worked on including DTCC 20022 Corporate Actions and FATCA systems