N-Tier Americas

 Eco-System Blockchain Technology



Business Analysis at N-Tier Americas makes uses professionals who are dual qualified, both in Finance/  Economics and Technology.. A typical analyst majors in Accountancy and Certified Database Design. This is a key USP of N-Tier Americas.

20 years of system design and analysis show that organizations process differently due to their legal structure and reporting requirements. One size does not fit all.

The N-Tier Business Analyst is uniquely qualified to design the smartest code such as SQL-Object-Chain™ , Blockchain, Intelligent Bots and or write plain, trusted good XLS specs.

Re-Use New Variants

N-Tier Americas re-uses a lot of the core system objects when designing, developing and implementing customized versions of our modules for different market participants. The software modules are tried and proven after 20 years deployment at different Client sites.We call these our App Eco-system.

The App-Eco System comprises the following

 - Settlement [T+2 enabled]
 - Corporate Actions
 - DR Custody
 - Securities Movement and Control
 - Multi-Currency Accounting
 - SWIFT ISO 15022 and 20022
 - Reference Data ISO Standards 
    ISO 10962 CFI - Classification of Financial Instruments;
    ISO 10383 - Market Identifier Codes;
    ISO 17442:2012 - Financial services -- Legal Entity Identifier (LEI). 

N-Tier BA's  can simulate difficult concepts such as back-dated  trades, capturing and dealing with multiple involved parties, integrated workflow of transactions & integrated accounting, holders list regeneration, replication and transaction logging. 
The design is unique and can be protyped in the N-Tier Distributed Ledger Architecture (DLA).

In additon , grasping new technology concepts such as blockchain, machine learning, are catered for by prtotyping with the Blockchain based , Global Depository Ledger and Global Accounting Ledger.

N-Tier Americas Development Paradigm.

Project Delivery in the Financial Services sector is very different to other sectors due to the constant changing environment that blows through the industry today

N-Tier Americas recognizes this change in the way we approach project development.

We opt for a Rapid Prototype deployment ((RP Tracker) based on superior domain knowledge where users can see the output of their specifications within one to two weeks of each sub-phase.

Interview by Checklist

Specifications are captured through rapid interview 'check listing', often at the desk or area of the Operations role under review.

UML OO design principles are invoked to craft a 1st pass, but concise, documentation of the information needs.

These needs are then funneled into a prototype system using code tables to reconfigure process flows, data flows and API interfaces common in the industry but unique to the firm at the time of automation.


The benefits of the RD Tracker Project Management approach are:

  • Reduced cost of deployment compared to other vendor approaches by 40 - 47%
  • Much lower impact on the time demands of operational staff at the firm
  • Delivery of a 'no-surprise' Version 1.0 of the new system

Bottom Line: 4

When all requirements are captured, the final prototype is released and made available for test,  typically within 4 months for a medium scale project and 6 months for a large scale effort.